Aug 2, 2014

源光庵 / 血天井

I went to Genko-an located in northwestern Kyoto. This temple is famous for "The window of confusion (square one)" and "The window of Enlightenment (circle one)". Its garden has Kita-yama (northern mountain) as Shakkei (borrowing landscape). But I couldn't see Kita-yama because trees were grown too much. Anyway, the garden was pretty and I liked it.
Nice wind blew through rooms, cause all windows were opened.


And the temple is famous for its ceiling boards as well. They aren't just ceilings. They are bloody ceilings. You can see a foot mark in a upper photo↑. It was blood in the past (about 400 years ago). These ceiling boards were floor boards of Husimi-Momoyama-castle. When the load of castle and his followers (Samurai) had a war in the castle, they lose and around 2000 samurais were killed or committed suicide with their swords. Genko-an decided to use bloody floor boards of the castle as the temple's ceiling boards for calming down souls of samurai.
↓It says here's an foot mark of blood. There was an hand mark as well.


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