Nov 30, 2014


These weeks are really nice to enjoy nature. All leaves has been turned to orange or yellow.
Walking around Kifune and Kurama area was so nice. Huge crowds were there though.


By the way, I watched The Wind Rises by Ghibli Studio. It describes how poor Japan was and how hard to live there before the second war.There is no hope in this story. Jiro and Naoko goes into unhappy. But their story is really beautiful and I couldn't stop crying:(


Nov 1, 2014

October memories

Still I cannot believe it's already November. Leaves are turning to red or yellow Kyoto city is filled with so many tourists!! They come here to see leaves and feel autumn. So pleasure many people enjoy Kyoto but we have many trouble with traffic. Buses don't arrive on the time. Big groups block a street.......etc haha
And all stores, cafes, and restaurants are crowded on weekends. I'm a little sad I can't stay long in my favorite cafes:(

Anyway I'm so lucky to live in Kyoto, except the traffic.  This city has so many places to see.