Aug 30, 2014

Mitarai water fall in Tenkawa village / 天川村みたらい渓谷

I have muscle pain because of this short trip to Mitarai water fall in Tenkawa village. Tenkawa village is located in southern Nara and it took more than 3 hours from Kyoto station.

I took off at Tenkawa kawaai → 3 hours hiking through deep forest → Dogawa On-sen (hot spring)

Eating noddles and taking a bath after hiking was great. Leaves were still bright green and reflecting of sunshine was so beautiful.
The way from the bus stop to Dogawa On-sen had many up-downs than I expected. And that caused muscle pain today (especially my upper back Why?).


天川川合下車 → 遊歩道という名のあんま舗装されてない道3時間 → 洞川温泉


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Aug 24, 2014

Enryaku-ji in Mount Hiei / 比叡山延暦寺

Today, I enjoyed a short trip to Enryaku-ji in Mt Hiei.

Demachiyanagi station → took Eizan railway → Yase (the gate of Mt Hiei) → took a cable car → The top of Mt Hiei → took 30 min walk → Enryaku-ji

It was foggy, so many of these pictures are whitened. The fog was so deep and I felt my skin moisturized. I've tried to keep this condition. Mt Hiei is known for having Enryaku-ji. Enryaku-ji has a long history more than 1200 years. Enryaku-ji was opened by Saicho to train priests, and it is one of the greatest Buddhism places. So Enryaku-ji is located in deep mountain to keep priests away from society.
You can enjoy the way to deep forest and beautiful combination of nature and Japanese old architecture.
In total, I walked more than 3 hours. In the end it was hard for me to move my legs. I'm planning Mt Hiei trail in winter to take beautiful picture. I have to get myself trained to achieve this plan. Mt trail has about 10 km!




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Aug 23, 2014

Take a night walk

It has been more than a week since my sister flight to Hokkaido. So I'm alone in my apartment room until she'll be back. I lost a person who I can talk to at home.
Two days ago, it was too hot to stay home, and I rode my bicycle to central Kyoto City and took a walk around Karasume street to get an iced coffee (I've spent too much money on iced coffee recently). But I changed my mind when I stood in front of Star Bucks. Finally, I got an ice cream at Seven Eleven.


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