Aug 19, 2014

Got back to Kyoto. Hello reality!

Last night, suddenly I started cleaning up my room and finished it! But, now.... It's messy again! WHY?
Some bottles are on the floor and there are piles of magazines and comics on my bed :(

By the way, I stayed my home in Osaka last week. It was pretty good. It was lazy days. haha
I woke up late morning everyday, ate lunch which my mom made, went out to see some friends in Osaka, enjoyed chatting and a cup of coffee, got home, ate dinner, watched movies (Frozen etc), went to my bed. I repeated this nice day. I want to go back.
Yes, finally I restarted study days at the University. Yesterday, Professor and I had a meeting. And I found I couldn't concentrate on the meeting at all. To make matters worse, I even got sleepy IN FRONT OF PROFESSOR! I really need to get used to being in social.



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