Aug 2, 2014

大原 三千院・寂光院・阿弥陀寺

I visited Sanzen-in temple, Jakko-in temple, and Amida-ji temple in north part of Kyoto ; Ohara.


I couldn't have calm time at Sanzen-in temple because of a huge group. And some smiling heads made of stones were on the ground. They were pretty scaring. I visited Otonasinotaki (no sound water fall) near the temple too. It was beautiful. But the way to the water fall was not good and it bothered me.


Jakkou-in temple means little lighting temple in English. And it had dark atmosphere as its name. It was so good. Ohara is surrounded by mountains, so its hours of sunlight is short. Moreover Jakkou-in is in a deep forest. I saw it had little sunlight even in summer.


Ohara is very famous for having Sanzen-in and Jakko-in. Amida-ji temple is not famous one, because it is more than 3 km from central Ohara. I visited there to see Sokushinbutu (a mummy of Buddhist priest). There are most of Sokushinbutu in northern Japan, so there are few of them in southern Japan like Osaka or Kyoto. (Southern weather is too humid and hot for mummies). Actually, the Sokushinbutu was in a stone coffin, so I couldn't see the body. But it was scaring enough. Amida-ji is in a sooooo deep forest, and the coffin is in a dark cave.....!

Sokushinbutu was a Buddhist priest in the past. The priest ate nothing but only specific nuts, and these nuts made his body resinous. Of course he was almost dead because of starvation. Finally, he went into a small hole or coffin, and finish his live. I think all of mummies who were priests in the past were too brave.



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