Aug 10, 2014

ヒマすぎてRed Cliff 見てる




I've been home all the day because of the typhoon. I found Red Cliff on You Tube and watched it. These are not subscribed but it was OK, because I know their stories and Zhang Fei just screams in the movie.

Actually I prefer Red Cliff I toⅡ. I think cavalry battle is sooooo cool. Ⅱ just describes strategies, a naval warfare, and hand-to-hand combats. I want watch more horses. Moreover, Cao Cao in Ⅰ is cooler and smarter than in Ⅱ. In Red Cliff Ⅰ, Cao Cao has greater power than his King and he looks so smart. However, Cao Cao in Ⅱ gets tricked by Lin Chi-lig and is fool enough to act as Zhuge Liang expected. I want Cao Cao to be smart and cruel.

Anyway, I like Red Cliff as the second best (The first is The Lord of The Rings) in Fantasy films. I really like Chinese (bloody)  historical stories. I' v tried reading Three Kingdoms (三国志) several times but it was too long for me, and I gave up. And also, Journey to the west (西遊記) and Fengshen Yanyi (封神演義) are my fovourite.

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