Aug 20, 2014

Walked through 下賀茂神社 (Shimogamo-jinja)

I often walk or run through by bicycle this famous shrine. But I decided to stop and walk around there.
Shimogamo-jinja (jinja means shrine in Japanese) is one of world cultural heritages in Kyoto. It is located in a little bit north of Kyoto city. So there were many tourists in Keidai (grounds of shrines).
Actually, my major at the university is Architecture. Shimogamo-jinja is famous for having Nagare-dukuri (Streaming form, if it is translated into English literally). Nagare-dukuri is common structural style of Japanese shrines. Most of shrines in Japan has this form.
I put this information into my brain 2 years ago to enter the graduate school. I had more information on those days....
And also, this shrine is known for being in Tadasu-no-mori (the forest of Tadasu) which has various and old trees. I think Japanese traditional buildings are best in beautiful, deep and quiet nature. They are not good in messy noisy city. So Shimogamo-jinja is good to feel its oldness and beauty.

I have another thing I want to write about these photos. Can you see these blue skies and strong lights scattering on grounds?
It has been crazy hot in Kyoto, the air conditioner in my room has been working hard recently. I can't survive without glasses of cold tea. I make 2L tea every morning and I drink all of that. I drink cups of coffee as well.
I can't wait autumn. But I know I have to wait until end of October. 2 months are still left !



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