Jul 26, 2014





I went to YOGO-Lake in Shiga last Saturday. YOGO-Lake is north of Shiga. It's 30 minutes from Yonago St.
I like countries of Japan, cause its greens and skies are beautiful. Actually I had expected Yogo would be cooler than Kyoto city, but it was hot enough.
A narrow road surrounds the lake, and it's about 5km. Walking around the lake was really good exercise for me and my health. These were many pretty hydrangeas besides the road.

YOGO-Lake was very clean and there were many fishes in the lake. So some middle-aged men enjoyed fishing. They came by their cars and these were from Osaka, Kyoto, Nagoya...... I saw they were swamped because of busy days in their city, and fishing was their method to refresh themselves.

Actually there was a sudden thunderstorm and I got wet. However, a mist appeared over the lake and it was pretty good.

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