Mar 29, 2013

Long 3 days



新国立美術館行ってんけどおしゃれすぎて感激した。内部空間に小島みたいなんあってそこにvogue cafeが入ってて、でも私は青山のWESTでホットーケーキを食すというミッションがあったのでやめときました。次行ったら絶対こじゃれた飲み物でも頼んでやろう。

In these 3 days, I had graduation ceremony, graduation party, and went to Tokyo. These days were super busy but amazing. Actually graduation ceremony was pretty boring and having dinner with the professor was painful.
Anyway the party with members of Architecture was the best party ever. It was held in kinda bar. We drunk ,talked , and jumped in music. May be I won't see some of them anymore, then I fallen in sentimental feeling on the train to home.

Next day, I took Shinkansen to Tokyo with my terrible throat ( I drunk too much.). I met Jane coming from Hong Kong at Shibuya and went to Tsukishima to have Monja together. I had nice time with her. I think women have similar problems even if we are from different countries or in different situations.

Before meeting Jane, I went to The National Art Center Tokyo. It was beyond my imagination and designed well. There were 2 islands in internal space and Vogue cafe was on one of them. But I didn't go in because I had a mission to have pancakes at WEST Aoyama. I want to enjoy a drink if I go there next time.
Tokyo is amazing but I can't understand why nobody try to change transporting system in Tokyo. It is terrible. Some companies have different rails ,gates, and tickets. Who made this system must be stupid. Line of flow is not arranged  and transferring waste our time. I think subway system in Seoul was very good. Tokyo should learn something from it.

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