Mar 22, 2013

Amazing experience in Croatia






plitvice lake

leaves on snow

plitvice lake

tea I drunk in a cafe nearby plitvice lake to wait the bus

an orange tree in dubrovnik

beautiful wall in dubrovnik

a boy taking pict of birds

amazing view from top of the mountain nearby dubrovnik

a morning in dubrovnik




I traveled in Croatia and Swiss. I was bored with editing photos, here are only Croatia photos. I'll upload Swiss post later.
Anyway I really enjoyed this travelling! That was my first time to travel with only backpack(bought in MUJI 1500yen), but it was not problem!
My 2 friends who went to with me were good at reading maps and had much information, sadly I was incompetent.....haha.......

We visited Zagreb, Plitvice lakes, Split, Dubrovnik by buses (we had no choice). All of them were amazing and pretty adorable. These cities are not big, so we needn't to plan, just walked around and took break in cute cafes, beautiful parks.
Croatia's foods and drinks were great enough to satisfy us.

The worst experience in Croatia was that we lost our way in snowed and cold mountain, it was getting dark. I was almost crying and my friends cheered me up. Let me make an excuse, I've been grown up in a big city and never been to kinda mountain without car.

Oh... I don't know much about history but Croatia had war about 15 years ago. They still keep broken buildings not to forget war. People in Croatia don't seem to do war....especially people in south part were friendly and kind, and most of them speak English well. Some boys screamed Gangnam Style at us. haha Why this perfect country is not popular in Japan?

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