Apr 10, 2013





I got terrible sick even though my new living was just started. My doctor said that my throat and kidney have virus. I have to go to a public hospital the day after tomorrow because my sickness is beyond my doctor's reach. Actually he took my blood 3 times to test. I wonder why my kidney got sick. I don't smoke. I drink little. WHY? 
Being sick in new surroundings has made me exhausted. I have had to attend all classes because this is the first week. Everybody around me was new. And I have some essays, research and many classes.

But this new living is very fun for me if I'm not sick. People in new laboratory are nice and smart. Many of classes are interesting. I attended a class of "English" today, but it was just "Architect class in English". It was hard for me to listen to his teaching for 90mins. I was surprised that many of students in the class understood what he said.

Anyway I'll be in my bed after drinking a nice cup of tea from Whittard. (my friend bought for me in England)

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