Sep 3, 2014

Photo rescue series ~Seoul + Suwon~

2 years ago, my laptop suddenly got so hot and made crazy noise, then died. I tried to rescue my photos in its picture folder again and again, but failed. Finally I gave up. BUT, today I cleaned up my messy room and found the laptop. I tried to open it after 2 years. IT WAS SUCCESSFUL!
That folder has my lovely memories of Seoul, Shanghai, London, and Paris. I'll share a little bit of them;)

It was hot summer of 2011 that I visited Seoul with my mom. We walked around Seoul city, and enjoyed nice Korean food, cute cafes, lot of shopping with my mom's wallet. Many Seoul guide books sold in Japan insists Garosu-gil is the best place for girls shopping, but actually my favorite was Hongdae which has many many small but cute cafes and second-hand shops. I got to know that Hondae is the city of Hondae University students and I understood why that place was so cool. Cities of artistic students must be cool as northern Kyoto city is pretty cool because of Kyoto University of art and design.
Korean foods were also amazing. Some of them were so spicy for me that I couldn't stop crying and my nose running. haha 

ahhhhh...These pictures brings me back so many memories in Seoul. I should go to this cool neighbor country again as soon as possible.




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