Sep 9, 2014

Little forest review / リトルフォレスト 感想




I've feel like in the worst place ever these past few days. Seriously bad thing happened to me, and I've been depressed since then. I tried to recover myself but it wasn't so easy. Then I decided to let myself go. Does anyone know the best way to feel better?

The things I tried were calling my friends, going outside, looking at nature..... Eating always help me, but in this case I have no appetite. Watching movie was a little good for me.

Little forest is a Japanese film which just shows you a beautiful and silent life in Tohoku. Tohoku is northern Japan and actually I've never been to there, because I'm from south. Japan is known for having big cities and they (especially Tokyo) have anything from over the world. There is nothing you can't eat in Tokyo ....... except fresh food. Tohoku is the most important place for Japanese food and covered with deep nature. This film ; little forest is about a girl who makes vegetables and cooks them for herself, just it. But this film focuses on great nature, how hard to make vegetables, and nice meals. Beautiful scenes of Tohoku helped me to feel better. If I watch it when I'm OK, I may not think it is good film. If you are tired or need small help, little forest makes you a little bit OK.




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