Sep 19, 2013





I experienced too many things in these weeks. So busy days. A conference at Hokkaido, a survey at Kobe, 5 days intern shipment at Osaka, a drawing exam for architect licence (5 hours! no break!). The worst experience was our delay caused the delay of fright from Tokyo. We run Haneda airport. (Haneda airport was so huge!) Finally I've got terrible sick. I hope I'll recover as soon as possible.

In Hokkaido, we visited Sapporo and Otaru. The both of them were perfect places. Hokkaido is far from where I've lived and there were many differences. There were big nature, beautiful and clean air.....and nice food.

By the way, Kyoto was attacked by huge storm and a few rivers were broken. These river beds are still messy and water is too much. Actually, lucky for me, I was in Osaka (because all railways were unavailable, so I was chained to Osaka), so I could avoid that terrible storm. Nature power scares us so often in Japan.

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