May 17, 2013

summer skin

日焼け止めは既に3月から塗っておるので、今はグレードアップを検討中。最近ほんとうに肌の衰えがあれなので20前半にして金にものいわす第一歩踏み出した。やっぱりええやつは素晴らしいね。なんかどこのメーカーが良いとかよくわかんないけど、とりあえずshu uemuraなら有名やしいちおう日本人の名前ついてるからアジア人でもだいじょうぶなのかなと思って。


Summer is coming. I feel summer coming cause my nose and forehead have became oily. And I feel ultraviolet rays as well.
I've put sunblock cream on my skin since March, now I'm thinking about buying stronger one. Why women's skin cannot keep their beauty? This is serious problem. I spend more and more money on cosmetic things because of this problem. Efficiency depends on price. I don't know which cosmetic brand is best. Choosing shu uemura was nice decision? I thought it may be nice for asian skin because it's from Japan.

There are many students from other countries on our campus, and many of them exposure themselves to sun light for long time. Why do they like it? 

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