May 2, 2013




I can't believe MAY has came already! I don't think I've been so busy in this week. But my body and brain are almost dead. Today was worst day, and finally I got room in my mind for reading a book.
I will have holidays for 4 days from tomorrow. This will save my life. haha  As usual, I've stocked piles of HW. Therefore I need to go to school library on holidays and have to do them.
Actually it is still pretty cold in Japan. I think this is why I can't believe it's May. Everybody still wears jacket. Hope coming warm weather as soon as possible.

By the way, does anyone consider about internship? I'm interested in, but don't know how I can search it. Should I register with mainabi or rikunabi? Or searching company's web sites directly is better way? It is helpful that if my university introduces some companies.

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