Oct 25, 2014

竹田城と姫路城 / Takeda catsle and Himeji castle

We went to Asago city to see 雲海 which means sea of clouds literally. Takeda castle in Asago city is one of places where we can see sea clouds in Japan.
I woke up a.m. 3 because sea of clouds can be seen in the early morning. However, there was no clouds!!!! I knew it depends on weather....but....but....!!!! OK. It was just unlucky:<

3時に起きたのになー がんばって登ったのになー 天気によるからしゃーないねんけど…はあ

After that disappointment, we still had much time of course. Then heading to Himeji city to see Himeji castle which is said the most beautiful castle in Japan. HOWEVER it was under construction:< I tried hard to take a beautiful picture. I couldn't enter the main part of the castle.
After this second disappointment, we went back home........hahaha


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