Jun 6, 2013

Wish I could be OK enough to read books, enjoy films, or have healthy foods slowly.....



In Kyoto, no bakery shop can satisfy me, because Kobe has many nice bakery shops and I enjoyed them much. Some shops sell good breads but they are too expensive! They are not worth it. I expect Kyoto too much?

BTW, I'm supposed to be dead in next week.....Monday, we will have a meeting of a reading circle, and it will be my turn. In that afternoon, I have to do presentation about my study and discuss about it with professors and labo members. Wednesday, I'm supposed to give a presentation about Ancient Roman Architecture IN ENGLISH. I would like to talk about it with my friend on next Sunday.
My memory of history has gone ,so making presentation about Ancient Roman is hard for me. How different are Republic and Empire? I've heard these words in STAR WARS, so Empire reminds me of Dark Force. hahaha

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