Feb 17, 2013



もう疲れたし、我慢の限界 二度と関わりたくないわ

閉鎖的すぎるねん 全てが
日本の色んな機関に関して言える気がするねんけどもっといろいろオープンにして流動的にしたほうが合理的やし変なものがのさばらなくて良いと思う それで困るやつなんかさっさと社会から出て行ってもらったほうが良いに決まってるし

Today was last day I worked at part time job, then I realized I'm leaving Kobe.
Kobe has nice climate ,cafes ,cake shops and is safe politically, so it is very good city to live in. I don't want to leave.

I have presentation tomorrow morning, but don't care. Anyway I want to leave my labo as soon as possible.
It has made me tired, I don't want to go there anymore.
I liked and was proud of my University until a year ago, but I don't now.
My "labo" was strange ,I know ,but I can't believe or respect University anymore.

It was became news that one student from other country killed him self. It can happen again if Universities in Japan won't change their closed system.
I think it can be said that many organizations in Japan are closed ,unclear and slow at everything. They should open what they are doing. If there are some people afraid ,they should get out of society.(People feeling happy in closed society always hide something dirty)

I really afraid that I'll get attached to something and assist closed and unclear society.


  1. Every education system has their flaws, Hong Kong's has been blamed for spoon feeding students for more than 30 years. We don't know how to think critically, and now our government is planning to insert different political perspectives that 'teaches' us how good the Chinese government is. People commit suicide every year because they couldn't bear the pressure from public examinations, I heard Japan has similar cases? Anyway, building up a career is another story. Be brave in this journey.

    1. Your comment encouraged me. Thank you so much!

      Yes we have, the pressure from public examinations are getting terrible because educational background is very important in Japan, it decides our incomes,social status and even lives.
      Some Japanese TV programs report Chinese government try to change HK's education to put HK under their control and HK residents dislike that.Is that true? Japanese medias tend to report on Chinese government in bad meanings.

  2. It is true, and Hong Kong educators and students are trying their best to stop it from happening. I can't agree more with what your media say about the Chinese government.