Jan 23, 2013


ダイエットがうんたら言うてたけどあっけなくオワタ ムリ
なんせストレスがやばいんですよ 食べずにはやってられへんもん


あ おとといも夜10時ぐらいにらーめん太郎行ったわ うける

最近デパ地下うろつくのに幸福を感じる 特に神戸大丸
おとといDean&Delucaで写真のメガマフィンとチョコ(とても濃厚)買った おいしかったです


I wrote that I started to eat healthy and do exercise.....but couldn't continue.....
I can't live under huge pressure without eating delicious foods!

a few minutes ago I was doing my essay, but now I'm escaping here...........

In these days I eat out because no time to cook and I need something delicious.
2days ago; chinese noodles & kimuchi (at 10p.m.)
Yesterday; spaghetti & garlic toast (fantastic combination)
Today;chinese noodles & fried rice (love)
I'm lucky to live in Japan because we have many foods from many countries. This is why I can't stop eating.

These photos are cute, but they are made from suger.
I like exploring sweets shops.
Big muffins and tasty chocolates I bought at Dean&Deluca were perfect.
Many oreos are inserted into this muffin, I think that is American fatty food. haha

I promise to eat healthy and do exercise after handing in my essay.

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