Feb 8, 2016


Český Krumlov

  a street to the Prague castle

view from the Charles bridge

I don't remember when I posted last time..... Anyway here are some photos I took in Czech Republic under cloudy sky LAST winter.
After graduate, it has been really difficult to make myself creative.

Feb 8, 2015



Finally I submitted my master thesis. It has been crazy hard.

Dec 24, 2014

Kyoto in snow

It was a so lucky day to see snowing:) Hope I can see Kyoto in snow before I move back to Osaka. There is no chance to see snow there.


Dec 16, 2014


These photos are from my stroll in last month..... I miss that sunny and warm days already.
It's crazy cold every day.  My body has gone frozen while just waiting for a bus for a minute. Coffee has gone cold in a few minutes. How can I survive till next Spring? It was raining today as well...... Actually I don't like winter so much and prefer summer. Hot coffee, knit, oranges, Christmas....... I like these things but ... but.....!! Wish I could live in a summer country like Singapore, Thailand...etc


Nov 30, 2014


These weeks are really nice to enjoy nature. All leaves has been turned to orange or yellow.
Walking around Kifune and Kurama area was so nice. Huge crowds were there though.


By the way, I watched The Wind Rises by Ghibli Studio. It describes how poor Japan was and how hard to live there before the second war.There is no hope in this story. Jiro and Naoko goes into unhappy. But their story is really beautiful and I couldn't stop crying:(